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Hilltop Garage was established in Zebbug back in the 1970s by our hardworking and ambitious father. He had the strong desire of providing people in Malta with a variety of honest panel beating and metallic spray solutions for automobiles. After some years, Hilltop Garage grew into more than just a spraying garage. By time, the shop fell into our care.

We are two brothers that grew up watching our father work on countless volumes of automobiles, and after a while we even started helping out. As the years rolled by, we expanded our father’s vision into one that provides our clients with a choice of car repairs and maintenance solutions.

Hilltop Garage was passed down from generation to generation, and even though the times, ownership and the garage itself have changed, its values are still identical to what they were 50 years ago - those of honesty, hard work, reliability and dedication.

We offer our clients a choice of services that include vehicular updates, car body repairs, panel beating, dent corrections, panel fitting, windscreen replacements, spray painting, polish services and air conditioner refills. We also provide our clientele with mechanical, electrical and even car hire solutions through numerous collaborations with other automotive workers all over the island.

Hilltop Garage is a reliable and secure place where you can take your car for a wide array of services and solutions which will be provided to you in a short timespan and in a trustworthy fashion. Our aim is not just that of giving you a great service, but also that of providing you with a hassle free and convenient experience as your car is being repaired.

We at Hilltop Garage offer you car hire solutions from our third party collaborators and also provide you with towing services. As a team, we also strive towards learning new techniques and acquiring new machinery which will provide us with better automotive understanding and more efficient work methods. Our premises are also MCCAA certified, meaning that we offer you a reliable and professional service.

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We at Hilltop Garage we are not your regular run of the mill panel beaters. We are a team of attentive workers who can provide you with a choice of solutions tailor-made just for you. Not only do we work on all car makes and models, we can also help you sort out a range of difficulties that you might run into.

When it comes to insurance claims and forms, we know that not everyone has the time or patience to fill them up. They are a hassle sometimes, and that is why we at Hilltop Garage offer you the possibility of filling up those pesky bumper to bumper papers for you, conduct reports and even deal with your car insurance representatives ourselves.
Apart from dealing with the insurance companies, we will also get in contact with the claims department for you, saving you the hassle of having to worry about those troublesome errands. We also take charge of any accident survey reports which you may need help filling out.

To us, you are not just a number, we really do care about providing you with a pleasant and agreeable service that will save you up a range of bothersome tasks that you might need to carry out. We at Hilltop Garage promise to take care of every little snag which you might encounter.

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